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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
16 March 2023, 15:27

Queer kink rave Joyride announces Sunday residency at Corsica Studios

The party aims to promote values of joy, playfulness, and exploration while showcasing a broad spectrum of dance music

Joyride Corsica Studios queer kink rave
Credit: Nona Duch

A new queer kink Sunday residency has been unveiled at London's Corsica Studios, building on the success of previous one-off events. 

Joyride sold out its first two parties in a matter of hours, and is now launching as a bi-weekly series starting 19th March. DJs Malaika, Queenie and Siobhan are set to play the first edition.

Tickets are only available online in advance, and exclusively sold through Dice.

April will see DJs Melle Brown and Taxila (2nd), Marie Malarie and Henderson (16th), and Club Fitness with TALK2FRAN.K (30th) take charge of the soundtrack. Guests including Ms.G and Manfredas are also confirmed for the coming months — a full calendar can be found below.

The party aims to promote values of joy, playfulness, and exploration, and create a sex positive safe space while showcasing a broad spectrum of dance music. A playroom, custom designed by Domhnall Nolan, will be open, and has been conceived to challenge preconceptions of kink furniture and club darkrooms. 

Spearheaded by Irish sex educator MJ Fox and experiential event producer Lydia, Joyride's Community Guidelines have already been published online, and were developed with input from the Goodnight Out Campaign with approval from the Institute of Sexuality and Sexual Enlightenment. 

"We are absolutely buzzing off the response to Joyride. It’s been phenomenal," said Fox. "The fact we sold out our first two parties in hours via word of mouth points to a real need for queer kink community spaces to exist in London, particularly at a time when sex positive spaces are increasingly under threat.”

“We could not have done this without the support of our community, and the whole crew at Corsica who have been incredible from day one. We’re really excited about what we’re collectively dreaming up at Joyride and hope to see many more queer cuties on our dancefloor soon," they continued. 

Joyride Listings

Sunday 19th March -  Malaika W/ Queenie & Siobhan
Sunday 2nd April    -  Melle Brown W/ Taxila 
Sunday 16th April   -  Marie Malarie W/ Henderson
Sunday 30th April   -  Club Fitness W/ TALK2FRAN.K
Sunday 14th May   -  Ms.G W/ TBA
Sunday 28th May    -  TBA
Sunday 11th June   -  Manfredas W/TBA