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Rare jackets stolen from Tresor's 31st anniversary exhibition

The club says no further legal action will be taken if the items are returned

Rare jackets stolen from Tresor's 31st anniversary exhibition

Two rare jackets have been stolen from Tresor's in-house 'Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit' exhibition.

The 28-year-old pieces went missing on 5th August, according to a social media post shared by Tresor, which is running the exhibition as part of its ongoing 31st anniversary celebrations.

The items were on loan from designer Elsa Wormeck's personal collection. Only 100 of the jackets were made in total, and each of them has a unique design.

Tresor is urging anyone with information about the jackets' whereabouts to get in touch with the club via the email in the Instagram post, which is [email protected].

The club has also promised that no further legal action would be taken if both items were returned in person or via mail to the club. The address for return is included in the post below.

Describing the jackets as "an iconic piece of electronic music and fashion history", Tresor said: "In 1994, Berlin designer Elsa Wormeck, AKA Elsa4toys, collaborated with the iconic ravewear brand Sabotage to create a series of limited-run, ultra-rare jackets, up-cycled from banners used to decorate the 1992 Love Nation party during Love Parade."

Tresor recently wrapped up a seven-week-long festival at the club, which marked 31 years of the iconic Berlin venue and record label.

Tresor opened its doors for the first time in two years, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in May.