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Rave history, safety and visual art presented in new handbook from Rave Scout Cookies

The collective’s first issue documents queer and POC stories in dance music history

Rave Scout Cookies is set to release its first handbook.

A nostalgic package of stories to tell "fellow ravers around a campfire, at your favorite afters, or packed tight in a bathroom stall," The Rave Scout Cookies #001 handbook, which is slated for release on the 5th October, will documents queer and POC stories in dance music history.

The first in a series from Rave Scout Cookies — a community-driven, underground electronic music multimedia platform championing diversity through underrepresented, marginalized collectives and artists — the $20 book will "follow [Rave Scout Cookies] roots to the source".

According to the book's blurb, The Rave Scout Cookies #001 handbook will also feature a harm reduction guide for using substances, with input from DanceSafe National, as well as books and record recommendations.

A number of artists have been featured in the book, including Chicago's Smart Bar resident, Ariel Zetina, and Brooklyn-based Justin Cudmore, alongside a number of other content sections featuring Adriana Varedi and Sidera Sinistra, plus an archival section of historic rave flyers.

You can read more about, and pre-order, The Rave Scout Cookies #001 handbook here.

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From the birth of acid house and the free party scene, through the era of super clubs and into the digital age, flyer design has always been an integral part of rave culture. In a recent feature, DJ Mag highlighted 12 illustrators keeping the art form vital in 2020.