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Listen to records using your teeth using this setup

"Never before have record stores and dentistry been so tightly linked," says science educator Sam Haynor

Science educator Sam Haynor has come up with a new way of listening to your vinyl records, curiously using your teeth.

As The Vinyl Factory reports, the tooth phonograph method allows you to listen to records by attaching the record needle to a wooden skewer and biting down. From there, vibrations will travel up into the teeth and jaw, allowing the music to resonate inside your head.

Haynor has also shared instructions on how you can create a makeshift turntable, with just a pencil and some cardboard, in order to carry out his alternative listening methods.

Sharing his ideas, Haynor wrote: "Now you can hear Miles Davis with your molars and The Cure with your canines. With only a few basic supplies, you can tap into the physical grooves of records as they vibrate your jaw, playing music and resonating inside your head. Never before have record stores and dentistry been so tightly linked. Toothfully, you just have to try it."

You can find a full breakdown of instructions on how to carry out his listening method, and the materials you need, here.

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