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Recreate your fave Nintendo soundtracks with this new mini synth

The hapiNES L is a new 8-bit hardware synth...

Recreate your favourite NES soundtracks with this new synth from Twisted-Electrons. The hapiNES L synth is a mini hardware device featuring up to 59 synthesised drum sounds and three oscillators to re-create the sound of the classic Nintendo console. 

There's USB MIDI, analogue sync in and out and even a VST plugin to control the synth from your favourite DAW. Alternatively, you can create your tracks with the four-part on-board 303-style sequencer. There are 16 arpeggiator modes with variable speed to create those classic NES-style riffs and there are eight knobs for shifting and shaping your sound. 

The hapiNES is available now and costs €225. If computer game music is your thing, Korg's music-making software Gadget is now available on Nintendo Switch. However, Twisted-Electrons better make sure their sequencer isn't too much like the 303, or they might get a letter from Roland.