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Rezz announces Essential Mix made up of entirely original material

It will air later this month...

Rezz has revealed that she'll soon be making her debut on Radio 1's Essential Mix, and not only that but she's also working on a two-hour selection made up of entirely her own material.

Taking to Twitter to reveal the news, she said that she was currently at work on the mix after being given the call-up to contribute to the long-running mix series, and that the mix would feature music new and old from herself. 

She told one fan that it would air around the release of her next EP, Beyond The Senses, which is due out on July 24th. There's no exact confirmed date yet for it to go out, but hold tight for it to very probably broadcast before the end of the month.

Earlier this summer, Rezz released a new track with metal band Underoath. She also debuted new music, including tracks from her next EP, earlier this year at EDC in Las Vegas.

(Photo: Will Selviz)