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Rhythm Section announces plans to support lower-income and underrepresented people in the music industry

The label will offer workships and mentoring as part of their Patreon service

Rhythm Section has launched a Patreon, with plans to to support lower-income and underrepresented people in the music industry.

The South London label, founded by DJ and producer Bradley Zero, have launched a Rhythm Section Patreon, where paid memberships will also be available and 15% of all RS Patreon income will be donated to a different charitable cause every month.

On the Patreon page, a statement from RS about the Patreon reads: "For us, as a collective, it means we can have a more direct contact with a core group of fans and creatives. We want this project to be a two way exchange, our aim is to build a team of Patrons who we can approach for feedback & advice to help us grow as mentors and creators.

"Even though our basic membership deals are affordable - we also plan to offer workshops and mentorship to lower income and underrepresented people for free. This will be rolled out over the coming months as we settle into a new space and adjust to this new iniative.

"Be a Patron, support the movement, keep the music independent, keep the good times flowing and get a whole lot of love back along the way."

The £50 per month memberships are sold out, but memberships remain for £5 and £10 per month subscriptions. You can read more about RS & their work and Patreon here.

Bradley Zero has built the reputation of his Rhythm Section label and parties by nurturing quality music rather than chasing trends. DJ Mag spoke with Bradley in May last year, discussing community, gentrification, colonialism in music, and his label’s purpose.