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Richie Hawtin announces audio-visual F.U.S.E. exhibition, Dimensions

It coincides with the release of a new box set collecting his works under the alias...

Richie Hawtin has announced plans to host an audiovisual installation in London this weekend.

The exhibition, at The Store X, 180 The Strand, will be open to the public from Friday April 5th - Sunday April 7th following on from a private viewing on Thursday April 4th. It's free to attend.

The installation will feature music from Richie and artwork and visuals by his brother Matthew, who worked on the covers for Richie's forthcoming F.U.S.E. retrospective. The box set, which was announced last week and will be released on April 15th, will feature expanded versions of the F.U.S.E. albums Dimension Intrusion and Train-Tracs, as well as a previously unreleased album called Computer Space, which dates back to 1993. The retrospective is being released to mark the 25th anniversary of Dimension Intrusion.

Richie Hawtin has also been confirmed for an intimate show at San Francisco's Halcyon club in May, to mark his Outstanding Contribution award win in this year's DJ Mag Best of North America awards.