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Richie Hawtin launches new AI-driven soundscapes to help you focus

The new project is in partnership with relaxation and meditation app Endel

Richie Hawtin has teamed up with soundscape app Endel, under his Plastikman alias, to create a new AI-driven audio experience to help listeners focus. Endel is designed to promote deeper focus, better sleep, meditation and relaxation, and has previously teamed up with Grimes on ‘AI Lullaby’ for assisted relaxation for adults and children. Hawtin’s collab is called ‘Deeper Focus’ and is “a personalised, real-time adaptive soundscape that is infused with his trademark production, resulting in a spacious, stripped-back soundscape that improves users' focus and productivity.” 

Hawtin created the sonics in collaboration with the Endel team, and Endel’s own AI was then used to adapt the sounds and textures depending on the user’s weather, natural light exposure and more. Of the new project, Richie Hawtin said: “As a control freak in the studio it is usually I who has the last word of how a track unfolds, however, in this exciting situation, the AI is the one who decides the final framework. Although this may sound scary to some, I believe it is just another extension of my belief in technology and its intrinsic place within my creative process.”

You can download Endel here for iOS, Android, macOS and Alexa here.