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Richie Hawtin previews custom MODEL1 mixer

The techno legend's dad built the 10-channel version as a Christmas gift…

Richie Hawtin has teased a custom version of his PLAYdifferently MODEL 1 mixer. Built by his father Mick Hawtin, the 10-channel version features extra channels as well as some utput cutomisation round the back. While the unit is reportedly a one-off, in a Facebook post, Hawtin explained the "MODEL 1 EX" was "specially built to test next generation CLOSE live show ideas for the summer 2018 touring season".

Whether the humble public will get a chance to purchase the EX isn't yet clear, though with Hawtin continuing to develop the PLAYdifferently concept, it seems like only a matter of time before a second hardware piece is added to the range. 

Richie's father Mick has been heavily involved in his career, which he explained in our cover feature. For more Hawtin inights, check our 10 Moments that Defined Riche Hawin piece here