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Rinse FM announces acquisition of legendary London station Kool FM

"This is not the end, this is a new beginning for Kool," said station co-founder, Eastman

Rinse FM announces acquisition of legendary London station Kool FM

Rinse FM has acquired legendary London radio station Kool FM.

Founded as a prate station in 1991 by DJs Eastman and Smurf, Kool FM – known as Kool London Radio since transitioning to an online radio station in 2010 – was instrumental in the jungle, drum & bass and hardcore scene of that time. It continued to platform those sounds for 31 years, helmed by Eastman and Susie G.

In his final Kool London show on New Year's Eve, Eastman said: "To progress and make the platform bigger it needs youthfulness and energy, which I ain't got no more...  And it needs money pumped in so our DJs are proud to walk into a studio, not worried about looking over their shoulder."

"We done the best we could," he continued. "It wasn't only music; it was people of all different races, creeds and classes along the way. We was a movement man, and we believed in it. We fought for each other, looked after each other."

In an additional statement regarding the acquisition, Eastman said: "31 years is a long time out of anyone’s life so it is with deep sadness that Suzy & myself have come to the decision to retire from radio and pass the ownership and running of Kool on. Geeneus has an excellent track record of achievements in radio and also has first class knowledge of Kool and myself as we worked together on the roofs putting Kool & Rinse on.

"Back in the day he was a big Kool listener and took inspiration from Kool and the way we ran the station. His love for Kool is 100% and that’s why we have put trust in Gee to get Kool to the next level. We must say thank you to those who have helped with the running of Kool or been a part of Kool in any way over the past 31 years. It’s been a massive, life changing journey for Suzy & myself. This is not the end, this is a new beginning for Kool. Thank you all for your support."

Speaking on the acquisition, Rinse FM's founder Geeneus said: "Around the age of 12 years old I was introduced to pirate radio by some of my older cousins. I spent most of my time trying to figure out what was going on and get more understanding of Pirate radio, but it wasn’t long after that I stumbled upon Kool FM 94.5 and it soon became an obsession."

"Starting Rinse for me was based on the passion and love I had for Kool FM. To be able to join the Pirate radio community and say we are joining the fight to showcase true underground music created in our community was something I was extremely proud of."

Eastman and Susie G will continue to work behind the scenes.

Last year, Rinse FM revamped its radio schedule with a number of new shows and over 60 new resident DJs joining the station.

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