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Ripplemaker launched as West Coast-inspired synth for iOS

The mobile production revolution continues …

Ripplemaker has been developed by Bram Bos as a West Coast-flavoured synth for the iOS platform.

The synth is designed for “exploration and experimentation”. Available modules include a complex oscillator, lowpass gate, FM, mathematical utilities and slope generator.

According to the developer, the Ripplemaker is designed for producers and musicians of all levels: “Even if you’re not familiar with modulars, wavefolders or control voltage you can dive right in, because all modules are prewired; offering a powerful monosynth without using a single cable. Then whip out the virtual cables and start patching. Ripplemaker is designed for fun – big enough to lose yourself into, yet intuitive enough to not get lost”.

The Ripplemaker is an AU plugin that also comes with a standalone sequencer, random pattern generator with scale lock, a real-time mutation engine, and links with other hardware and apps via Ableton Link or Midi Clock.   

Bos is notorious for his work on the TB 103-clone dubbed Troublemaker.

Ripplemaker is available now from the App Store for $8.99/£8.99.  

Producers looking to create on-the-go should also explore Blocs Wave and the ultra-portable iTrack.

Watch a test of the Ripplemaker below.