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The Paradise resident is in charge of the new radio show...

Jamie Jones’ Paradise brand is unstoppable. Not only are they holding down a weekly Wednesday residency at DC-10, they’ve also set-up a weekly radio show alongside it, aptly titled Paradise Radio. It’s being broadcast every Wednesday from 10pm via long-standing Ibiza radio station Ibiza Sonica and is guaranteed to get Paradise fans in the mood for the big night! Paradise resident Rob James gives DJ Mag Ibiza the lowdown...

Tell us the story behind the programme?
“I’ve always wanted to start my own podcast or radio show, and as I have now relocated to Ibiza, and I am here all summer (and have been with Paradise and Hot Creations since the start), I thought why not do something this summer for Paradise!? It’s broadcast from the Paradise airstream each week inside DC-10. So, that’s how the radio show was born, and after some hard work — lost airstream keys, broken generators, etc. — it’s flying and going amazing.”

What’s the vibe of the show?
“The vibe we want to create with this show is a pre-party before Paradise — if people are getting ready, or en route to the club, just to get them in the mood. Obviously we play to the whole world, so we can get them in the mood too... maybe to even book a last minute flight out here! [laughs]”

Paradise Radio is broadcast every Wednesday at 10pm from DC-10. Listen to the show below via SoundCloud.