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Rob Swire on new Pendulum music: ‘We're having to reinvent ourselves a little bit’

He touched on the group's return while discussing new Knife Party material

Rob Swire has shared new details about the return of Pendulum during an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1.

The Knife Party and Pendulum member featured on the show to talk about the recent release of new Knife Party material, but suggested that the return of Pendulum was not far off when questioned by Zane. 

"We only even really do one thing at a time," Swire said. "And I don't know, it's been sort of, I think, 10 years or so since we've last did stuff with Pendulum. 10 years since the last release. And I'm kind of excited about that period of time, what does it come back with? Obviously you can't come back with the same thing? It's got to be different and so many more kids who are using those tools and have kind of upped the game and made it a bit harder to come back. So we're having to reinvent ourselves a little bit, yeah."

Swire didn't put an exact timeframe on when we can expect new music from Pendulum and it may still be some way off with his and Gareth McGrillen's current focus being on Knife Party's new EP, 'Lost Souls'. "We had a collection of music that we just wanted to get out before doing any of the Pendulum stuff," Swire added during the interview. "It felt like we sort of needed to finish that off before getting back to Pendulum and release this little bit of music before going quiet for a tiny bit. 

He continued: "It's been a while since we last released something and we wanted to make sure it was right. As to how we made sure this was ready to release, pretty much we just got told that the deadline was at a certain date, and that's what we did. We're definitely keen to get out there. I mean, I still haven't heard some of those tracks on the system, yet, so it's going to be good to get out there and play to the crowds."

Swire and McGrillen are currently playing Knife Party shows across Asia, Europe and North America following the release of 'Lost Souls' last Friday. You can listen to the full interview below.

Check out their 'Lost Souls' EP here. The last release from Pendulum, earlier this month, was a remix album titled 'The Reworks'.