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Robbie Williams discusses his "awkward" Ibiza DJ set on Annie Mac's podcast: Listen

"I Googled 'what do garage MCs say?' on stage"

Robbie Williams discusses his "awkward" Ibiza DJ set on Annie Mac's podcast

Robbie Williams has spoken out about his "awkward" debut DJ set in Ibiza.

The gig took place last month at new White Isle venue 528 Ibiza, where Robbie was on the bill with Lufthaus who he recently collaborated with on the dance track 'Sway'. It didn't quite go to plan though, Robbie said in a discussion with Annie Mac for her 'Changes' podcast.

Admitting that he had no plans to do such a gig again, Robbie told Annie Mac: "So I turned up at my fist electronic dance music gig in Ibiza at a place called 528. I thought that I was gonna be an audience member but on stage, I just thought I was gonna be the Bez of this project, wander around, vibes, you know.

"What actually happened when I turned up to the first gig was 2,000 people facing the stage and just looking at me, barely any movement. It was so awkward, so awkward."

With no idea what to do, he said he then began to Google "what garage MCs say on stage" mid-performance to help him fill the time. Having had a look, he said he then began shouting phrases like "this one goes out to the ladies!" and "wait for the drop!" into the mic several times.

"I couldn't believe how awkward it was," he continued. "It was a shock, a shock. I was like, 'yeah, yeah I will do this', then they take you through to a back room and they go, 'This is where you'll be playing'.

"I'm like, what? This is a cloakroom! I get it, it doesn't matter who you are, this is where you start. But if I'm going to do this, I need to be recompensed properly. I'm not leaving the house for a couple of months to go and do this for it to cost me money."

Check out the full podcast here.

This isn't Robbie Williams' first foray into the world of dance music. It was reported in 2020 that he wanted to open a new club in Berlin that was "a bit like Berghain".