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Roland add another classic synth to the Boutique range: Watch

The D-50 gets added to the mini machines 

Roland have added the D-50 to their Boutique range in the form of the updated Roland D-05. The first digital synth to be replicated as part of the Boutique models, the D-50 is a unique synth released in 1987. Using a range of new technologies, it was capable of creating sharp soundscapes, bright bass sounds and evolving tones, helped with its unique XY joypad.

The D-05 features the same synthesis as the original, including the joystick, and Roland have also used their new Digital Circuit Behaviour (DCB) to recreate the early digital tones of the D-50 more accurately. So accurately in fact that the D-05 comes with the original D-50 patches and can even load custom patches too. It’s also added some extra features like the 64-step sequencer and an arpeggiator.

Coming in at $349, it’s also the first Boutique range to cost almost the same as a second-hand original, but of course is a lot more portable. Watch Legowelt introduce the D-05 below. Roland have been very busy recently adding to their Boutique range, with the SH-101 and the legendary TR-808 both being re-born.