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Roland adds D-50 synth to digital subscription service

The vintage synth is reborn on the RolandCloud…

Roland has added its iconic 1980’s synth, the D-50, to its digital subscription service. Access to the RolandCloud is only $19.95 ($US) per month.

Similar in function to Yamaha’s DX7, the D-50 was originally released in 1987 and was key in the development of late ‘80s pop, R&B, and the new jack swing movement. Its sound engine, a unique combination of sampling and synthesis, remains in-demand 30 yeas after its inception.  Check out the list of features at the bottom.

According to the manufacturer, the software version arrives with all the parameters and presets of the original and is capable of recreating its sound perfectly.

For those that choose to access the service, you’ll also receive access to recreations of iconic production hardware like the Jupiter-8, SH-101, and System-100.

It has been a busy June for Roland, who recently showed off its newest models at Sonar-D, and joined forces with Studio Electronics for the SE-02 boutique synth. 


- Recreation of D-50 from the company that made the original
- Digital Circuit Behavior (DCB) faithfully captures every detail
- Authentic user interface with all original controls and parameters (including those found on the    sought-after Roland PG-1000 hardware programmer)
- All the original presets plus new sounds
- 32-bit and 64-bit VST2, VST3 and AU support
- Simple installation and updates via RolandCloud Manager