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ROLI’s Seaboard Block is a touch-sensitive keyboard on a budget

A more affordable version of its touch keyboard...

ROLI has announced Seaboard Block, a smaller, more affordable version of its award-winning touch keyboard.

The original ROLI keyboard — which came to prominence thanks to its unique gesture control — retails between £799 and £8,888, whilst the new keyboard is only £299.

The keyboard parameters can be controlled in five dimensions; strike, glide, slide, press and lift. The keyboard also works with the company's modular Blocks system, further increasing the possibiliities for musicians and live performers. 

The keyboard comes with a hundred different sounds — including pianos, strings and glitched-out synths — and comes with a suite of software including Max MSP.

The keyboard can also be controlled via midi for DAWs like Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio and Logic.

Check out Seaboard Block in action below.

The Seaboard Block is available from today here.