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Romania's long-standing Club Guesthouse is being forced to close

The club will be developed into housing

Key Bucharest venue Club Guesthouse is to close in May next year.

The club is being forced to close in order to make way for property development plans. Writing on Facebook, the venue said: "It is with a heavy heart we have to announce that next summer the building hosting us is destined to be demolished in favour of a mixed-use residential building.

"We will continue to operate in the current location until end of May 2020. There’s no doubt we’re taking all necessary steps in finding a new location to call home as soon as possible. At some point in the next year we will relocate."

Club Guesthouse opened in 2010 and has been seen as a pivotal venue in showcasing the Romanian minimal sound pushed by DJs like Rhadoo, Raresh and Peter Inspirescu, who regularly play at the club.

The club's ninth anniversary party is due to take place on Saturday, December 7th. The line-up is yet to be announced.

You can read the club's full post about its impending closure below.

Other recent club closures around Europe have included Amsterdam's Claire and Berlin's Prince Charles.