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Room for Rebellion locks Leila Samir and SOUVENIR for final party

Proceeds from the party will go to Northern Irish pro-choice organisation Alliance for Choice

Pro-choice activism collective Room For Rebellion will host its last party for the foreseeable future this Friday in Rye Wax, Peckham.

“The Last Dance” comes as a celebration of recent reforms in abortion law both in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, with all proceeds from the party going toward Northern Irish organisation Alliance for Choice’s current campaign, #Crunchtime4Choice. RFR launched in 2017, and has operated between London, Belfast, Dublin with parties featuring Violet, Eclair Fifi, Femme Culture’s Elkka and Ludo, Solid Blake, Anu, Lora, Martyn Bootyspoon and ELLLL.

Along with the RFR residents, NTS and Worldwide FM regular Leila Samir and The Run Out Festival co-founders SOUVENIR will play the party. 

The club night’s poster is designed by Patrick Saville and  features an image of Queen Meadhbh, a mythological Irish warrior queen of Connacht. 

Tickets for Room For Rebellions last dance are available here