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RZA announces new album, ‘RZA vs Bobby Digital’, shares single: Listen

Tripple-Grammy nominated studio head DJ Scratch is credited as Executive Producer 

RZA has announced a new album, 'RZA vs Bobby Digital', and shared the latest single, 'Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater'. 

The LP was originally teased under the title 'Bobby Digital: Digital Potions', alongside the track 'Pugilism'. While the name has changed the concept remains the same, with RZA revisiting the solo moniker he created for 1998's 'Bobby Digital in Stereo'. 

The Wu-Tang Clan rapper has now confirmed the full record will arrive on 6th August, with the triple-Grammy nominee and multi-platinum selling studio head DJ Scratch credited as Executive Producer.

“Lyrically the hip-hop part of me had a chance to re-emerge during quarantine. Giving Scratch the reins as a producer and me taking the reins as an MC, that’s what frees me up creatively and lets me play more with lyrical gags and lyrical flows because I don’t have to be focused on everything," RZA said of the album in a statement. “[Scratch] delivered tracks that resonated and brought me back to a sound that I felt was missing. For me it was really natural for me to flow and write to these songs,” he continued. 

It's RZA's first time working as Bobby Digital in 13 years. Last August, he sold 50% of the rights to his songwriting and production credits. In addition to writing music, RZA has a burgeoning directorial filmography, including 2012's feudal China brawler 'The Man with the Iron Fists', hip hop drama 'Love Beats Rhymes' starring Azealia Banks and Common, and 2020's 'Cut Throat City', which sets its heist plot in New Orleans amid the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.