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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
11 May 2023, 15:12

Samrai, LINTD and Raheel Khan link up on new single, ‘Oil Money’: Listen

Landing on a brand new label, Sangha Industries

Samrai LINDT Raheel Khan Oil Money
Samrai and LINTD, credit: Pranav Saji Krishnan

Manchester's Samrai has drafted vocals from LINTD and input from sound artist and musician Raheel Khan for a new single, 'Oil Money'. You can hear the track below.

This is the first solo work from Balraj Samrai — Swing Ting and SEEN co-founder, veteran DJ and producer — since 2016. The release lands on his new label, Sangha Industries, which references his mother's maiden name, which itself can be traced to the East Punjab village of Kala Sanghian. As a platform, the imprint aims to showcase work from migrant and global majority communities. 

"This single digs into the pressures of being turned into blood, sweat and grease for profit as well as exploring the triumph over such petty deaths," the official release information explains. "Sonically its minimal yet maximal with synths, sublow bass, drum machines and staccato tabla tones (from Vikaash), giving space for LINTD's evocative vocals." 

Last month, Samrai and fellow North West England-based poet and lyricist Farah Ahmad Khan unveiled a remix of their climate-themed track, 'Planet People Power', by British-Tamil talent GoldTooth featuring verses by Mancunian-Malawian MC Rootz.