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Scientists have sent a giant disco ball into space

It will be visible to the naked eye from all inhabited parts of Earth...

Scientists have sent a giant disco ball into space so large that it will be visible to the naked eye from Earth.

The massive reflective sphere is the creation of American start-up firm Rocket Lab and has been named the Humanity Star. It took flight 21st January from Mahia, New Zealand, where the team has developed the world’s first private orbital launch range.

The disco ball is a one-meter-tall carbon-fiber geodesic sphere made up of 65 highly-reflective panels. In space, it will spin, reflecting sun’s light back to earth creating a flashing effect in the sky.

Orbiting Earth every 90 minutes, the sphere will be most visible in the United States during the twilight hours starting in late-February and March.

“No matter where you are in the world, or what is happening in your life, everyone will be able to see the Humanity Star in the night sky,” Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck said in a statement. “For us to thrive and survive, we need to make big decisions in the context of humanity as a whole, not in the context of individuals, organizations or even nations. We must come together as a species to solve the really big issues like climate change and resource shortages.”

Humanity Star is anticipated to circle the globe for 9 months. Track the orbit here.

The massive reflecting orb follows music shot into space by Sónar Festival.

More than a novelty concept, Rocket Lab is working to remove barriers to commercial space and provide frequent launch opportunities to international partners.

For those that are fans of the dancefloor and have a knack for engineering and science, Rocket Lab is actually hiring.