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Seba showcases his signature deep sound on the DJ Mag Weekly Podcast

Drum & bass from the Swedish don... 

Seba delivers his signature, deep take on drum & bass on our latest DJ Mag Weekly Podcast.

Talk about Sweden and d&b and one name comes to mind ahead of all others — Seba. Having opened his career on Good Looking Records back in the late '90s, Sebastian Ahrenberg, has been one of the scene's most consistent and well-respected producers ever since.

Although primarily an outlet for his own productions, Seba's Secret Operations label has seen releases from the likes of Resound and Robert Manos, along with a number of releases with regular collaborator, Paradox. 2017 marks the imprint's 15th anniversary, with Seba dropping a 15-track, retrospective compilation on 27th July to celebrate. (Head here to pick up a copy then.)

Over the years, Seba has honed a versatile sound that covers everything from jungle to liquid, with a tell-tale depth and darkness rolling throughout his work — a theme placed front and centre on his DJ Mag Weekly Podcast.

Check out Seba's mix in full below!

First dance music song you loved?
"Kraftwerk, 'Tour De France'"

First club you went to?
"Tritnaha, Stockholm"

First label you loved?
"Nervous Records"

First piece of tech you bought?
"Siel Opera 6. Still using it."

First DJ you worshipped?
"LTJ Bukem"

First club you played in?
"Le Garage, Stockholm"

First wax you bought?
"Depeche Mode, 'Black Celebration'"

First band you saw?
"Nitzer Ebb, in Stockholm"

First apartment you lived in?
"Large one piece apartment in Aspudden, outside Stockholm"

First vinyl shop you loved?
"Snickars Records in Stockholm. I still love it!"

First car you owned?
"Saab 9-3… I’m from Sweden!"

First London club you loved?
"Speed at Milk Bar. Only went once, but the vibe in there!!!"

First album you played ten times over?
"Kraftwerk, Electric Cafe"

First time you went to Ibiza?
"Never been"

Ben Hindle is DJ Mag’s Clubs Editor and co-founder of DJ Mag Bunker. Follow him on Twitter here.