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Serato DJ Pro now supports CDJ-3000s

The popular DJ software has added Pioneer DJ’s latest player

Serato DJ Pro now supports Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000 players in HID mode. That means you can plug them straight into your laptop via USB and Serato will automatically pick them up and map controls to the flagship new player. The 3000s will pull through all the information from the relevant deck including the waveform, track title and time and bpm and all assigned cue points will be pulled through to the eight cue buttons. 

All other functions on the CDJ like Beat Jump, looping, sync, track search etc, will all function as expected inside of Serato. Version 2.5.7 of Serato DJ Pro also adds the option for Anti-Drift for devices with motorised platters. This can now be enabled for supported hardware in the CD/Vinyl tab of the Setup menu.

To use the 3000s with Serato DJ Pro in HID mode, you’ll need to update the firmware of the CDJ, which you can download here and update Serato the app, which you can do here. Watch the video below for more info on how to set it up.