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Sharda releases new single, ‘Hard To Forget’

The Manchester producer goes big and bouncy on Coil Records 

Sharda releases new single, ‘Hard To Forget’

Sharda has released a new single, 'Hard to Forget', via Coil Records. Check out the track and its accompanying visualiser below. 

The track marries pitched-up vocals and a playful hook with bouncing bass and percussion. It follows the release of his summer single, 'It's A Love Thing', on Conducta's Kiwi Records.

The track's visualiser was inspired by time Sharda spent in South Korea. "After seeing so many of these LED signs around Seoul I wanted to see if it was possible to buy one and mess about with putting visuals on it," he said. "Turns out a friend of mine over here owns three and they use ancient software to work it. It didn’t like any of the modern day video formats so I had to upload animated gifs." 

"The on board memory is limited so we had to record the segments half a bar at a time and it took us a whole evening. The animations themselves were taken and compiled from an archive of old 2000-era GeoCities websites, which are still accessible, and the screen's resolution was 80x80 pixels. I also used pixel art backgrounds from Neo Geo fighting games for some of them, too, as I wanted to keep all the imagery used early millennium," he added. 

On 9th December, Sharda will join artists including Notion and Conducta at Joshua Brooks, in his hometown of Manchester, for Klub Kiwi