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SHERELLE remixes Real Lies track, ‘Since I’: Listen

"This one is for the wonky nights and dangerous settings!" 


SHERELLE has remixed a track by Real Lies, 'Since I'. Check it out below.

Released today, 2nd September, 'Since I (SHERELLE’S in a K Hole Remix)' is a reworking of the original track, which features on the London-based duo's recent second album, 'Lad Ash'.

Speaking about the remix, SHERELLE said: "It's an honour working with Real Lies as I have been a massive fan of them for so long. Their ability of storytelling is unmatched. I was drawn to their nostalgic ode to raves of better days. From the club to the afters. Real Lies are intrinsically important to the story of dance music and the emotions that come with it."

"For the remix of Since I, I wanted to tell an even darker story with the tune," she continued. "Something omnipresent and stuck in the void. Nothing about it represents better days... rather actually represents the opposite. This one is for the wonky nights and dangerous settings!"

Real Lies' Kevin Lee Kharas added: “After seeing Sherelle tear a Rotterdam dancefloor to shreds earlier this year, we felt compelled to get her spin on our own tribute to full throttle, never-ending nights, Since I. Sherelle is doing magical things at high speed. Just like how we like it. We're flattered to have her unique twist on the song."

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In October, SHERELLE will co-host an academy for aspiring queer and BIPOC artists.

Photo by Isaac Lamb