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Jack Ramage
23 March 2023, 15:43

Shygirl and Björk share 'Woe' rework with video: Watch

The accompanying music video was shot in Tokyo with creative direction from Shygirl herself

Björk and Shygirl share 'Woe' rework with video: Watch

Björk and Shygirl have teamed up to release a rework of the latter's track, ‘Woe’, along with an accompanying music video. Check it out below.

The track is included on the deluxe edition of Shygirl's debut album ‘Nymph’, titled ‘Nymph_o’, set to be released April 14th via Because Music. 

The accompanying music video, shot in Tokyo, is directed by Sam Ibram with creative direction from Shygirl herself. The video sees Shygirl move through a series of montages, which, along with the music, gradually becomes more intense and hallucinatory. 

The new rendition of ‘Woe’ follows Shygirl's recent remix of her song ‘Heaven’ featuring Tinashe. The deluxe album will also include contributions from Arca, Erika de Casier, Eartheater and more. 

Speaking on the new release, Björk said: "Shy told me in her lyric she is talking about both different amorous interests and fame and how suddenly everyone wants something from you and you should be thrilled but you're not...and I decided to take an angle as an older 'amour' and give advice...because in 'woe' she is asking a question and I decided to reply to it from the SUFI angle which is: enjoy the wanting and the longing and NOT getting what you want but enjoy wanting the whirling dervishes reach up when they turn, it is meant to represent that longing and being content with that...”

“Also on a more everyday personal level, it is about sometimes when you are not satisfied in a relationship, you should not expect your partner to heal that or fix that...rather look at him or her as a partner in crime or a fellow-not-getter....another human with that insatiable longing." She continued.

Earlier this year, ShyGirl and Sega Bodega remixed Björk’s ‘Ovule’, the second track from her newest album, ‘Fossora’.

Shygirl is currently embarking on the Nymph World Tour, which started at the end of last year – with Printworks, London being her biggest headline to date. Recently, the English rapper, DJ, singer, and songwriter wrapped up performances in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris. 

This month, she has started on the North American leg of her Nymph World Tour – a 14-date run across Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, New York City, and Atlanta, concluding in Miami on April 15th. Tickets for the remaining dates are available here. 

Watch the new video for ‘Woe’ below.