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D&B duo, Six Blade give us their killer Viper selection

Viper Recordings are about to drop their ‘Sound of Drum & Bass’ compilation. We’ll be live-streaming the launch party from a secret London location on 9th March.

To get you in the mood, we caught up with D&B duo, Six Blade to hear their top ten all-time tracks on Viper.

1. Six Blade & A.M.C - Strangers

“This is probably our favourite tune we’ve made for Viper. We’re very proud of it and still play in our sets now!”

2. Shockone - Polygon Feat. Reija Lee

“We both loved this song from the moment we heard it. It’s such a big club track! Plus, whenever it comes on, our mate always tries to sing the vocals in a high pitched voice, and that’s always a pleasure to watch.”

3. The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot

“This is a sick club track! Always goes off. The big intro makes it great to mix or open a set with.”

4. Brookes Brothers - Feat. Chrom3 - Carry Me On

Mike: “I love the vocal on this, this tune has such a wicked summery feel to it.”

5. Smooth - Drone

Jack: “I first heard this on a video clip Smooth posted and I went mental for it. The drop is next level! I remember we had a gig coming up that weekend so I instantly messaged Tim, one of the managers at Viper, asking/begging to be sent the track so I could play it out. Tim kindly sent it over and we were able to close our set with it.”

6. Matrix & Futurebound - Universal Truth

Mike: “The intro to this tune is so good and drops into such a banger. One of my favourite tunes ever.”

7. Metrik - Freefall Feat. Reija Lee

“This is a proper ‘hands in the air’ tune. We had it in our set for months.”

8. Futrebound vs Metrik - Brave new World

Mike: “The first time I heard this track I was working a nightshift and was listening to the radio. When it came on I got instant goosebumps."

9. Smooth - Virgo Cluster

“We used to start our sets with this track a lot, as it has a wicked intro and a sick drop.”

10. Cynematic - Space City

“This is always a go to track in our sets, it’s very well produced and sounds big in the club. It’s also a good tune to transition from one style to another.”

Check out ‘The Sound of Drum & Bass’ on iTunes.

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