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Skrillex and Nai Barghouti share video for ‘Quest For Fire’ track, ‘XENA’: Watch

“This film is, in some way, the phoenix moment of women who are living this reality”, said director Amara Abbas

Still of two women on a motorbike taken from the ‘XENA’ music video

Skrillex has released the music video for his single, ‘XENA’, featuring Palestinian singer, composer, and flutist, Nai Barghouti. Watch the video below.

The short film, which was directed by Amara Abbas, premiered today (8th June) at 6pm. As per the video’s description, a team of over 75 creatives in total worked on the short film, which “alternates between moments of conflict, resistance, fear, love, festivities, prayer, and dance.”

Reflecting on the project, Abbas said, “The film is around female passion/rage, liberation, duality of culture, freedom of choice and resistance. It is about the women who are leading revolution in systems that are designed against them... it’s about what this movement represents, what these young women represent — and what they inspire.”

She continues, “Not a lot of us have experienced being in regions where such intense events have occurred and the bones of what has happened is still very much there. This film is, in some way, the phoenix moment of women who are living this reality.” 

‘XENA’ was originally released earlier this year on Skrillex’s fourth studio album, ‘Quest For Fire’, via Atlantic Records/OWLSA. Featuring Palestinian artist, Nai Barghouti, the track draws on the similarities between the structures of Arabic pop and dubstep, and features rural Egyptian percussion such as Darbouka.

Sharing a short clip from a studio with Skrillex from when they were working on the track, Barghouti wrote on Instagram: “I still remember the very first time we met. We shook hands and just kind of knew that something great will come out of it. Beyond thrilled and honored to be part of this incredible track with the one and only @skrillex.”

Skrillex has announced that he is partnering with OXFAM International to support donations towards the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal, to support those who may be experiencing displacement and similar circumstances as a result of the event. All those who may be able to help are encouraged to donate here.

Last week, Skrillex was forced to pause his set at Primavera Sound due to a fire breaking out on stage. Videos of the incident - dubbed a "technical error" - appear to show a lighting rig catching fire, however, festival representatives confirmed that no injuries were reported. The incident came two weeks after Skrillex confirmed the rumours that he will be releasing at least one more album in 2023.

Watch Skrillex’s music video for ‘XENA’ featuring Nai Barghouti below.