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Skrillex donating fee to raise money for Burning Man art project

The DJ and producer has a storied history with the festival...

Skrillex will donate profits from an upcoming gig to raise money for a Burning Man art project.

Performing at Burning Man and working with arts teams in the past, Skrillex will donate his concert fee to the Head Maze project, which lead artist Matt Schultz said is "about mental illness and the struggle to be".

The project will consist of a giant, 40-foot tall sculpture of a head resting on a hand. The outer layer will peel away, to reveal a selection of 18 rooms that show the "complexities of cognition, our common struggle between body and mind, nature and nurture and our persistently fluctuating perception of self".

The project aims to raise $190,000 and will be at this year's Burning Man.

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