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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
20 April 2023, 12:24

Skrillex teases two more albums coming this year

Two releases titled 'SKRLX' and 'CONTRA' are planned for 2023


Skrillex has teased that two more albums are coming this year, adding to the two he has already released in 2023 so far.

News of a possible third LP broke last week, announced during a party with Rinse FM host Jyoty. Expanding on this via social media yesterday (19th April), Skrillex posted a list that read "QFF", "DGTC", "SKRLX" and "CONTRA", alongside "23".

Two of those are abbreviations referring to his twin LPs released in February, 'QUEST FOR FIRE' (name-checked in the post as 'QFF') and 'Don't Get To Close' ('DGTC', unveiled as a surprise release the same week). No more details about the other two, 'SKRLX' and 'CONTRA', are yet known, aside from that they appear to be slated for release this year.

Late last month, Skrillex revealed he would headline the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, USA on 29th April. The event follows a string of high profile performances in recent months, including a landmark concert at New York's Madison Square Garden and another at the Big Apple's world-famous Times Square. Both shows involved Four Tet and Fred Again.. and followed the release of the trio's collaborative track, 'Baby Again..'.