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SNTS drops dark, dusty techno on 'Figures In The Mist': Premiere

Coming soon on Horo...

SNTS joins the Horo roster with a four-tracker of brooding techno and experimental ambient titled, 'Across Another Dimension'.

Since debuting in 2012, the mysterious, masked producer has been making a name for himself via EPs for the likes of Edit Select, Horizontal Ground and his own, self-titled imprint.

His second album 'Losing Sight' also dropped last year on Sacred Ground, following 2015's 'The Rustling Of The Leaves' for the SNTS label.

The 'Across Another Dimension' EP marks SNTS' debut record for Horo. Originally an offshoot of drum & bass label, Samurai Music, Horo recently shed its Samurai Horo name to become a label in its own right.

Just as sinister as one might expect from a producer who looks like a Sith Lord, our premiere today, EP track 'Figures In The Mist', offers a driving beat, dusty atmospherics, and a squelching, twisted, yet not overbearing, acidic synth line. 

The track is built for smokey, stobe-lit sweatboxes — and having caught SNTS' live show in London recently, we can highly recommend going to experience this in person at the first opportunity.

In the meantime, listen to the track in full below and head over to the Horo store to pick up a copy from 28th April. 


01. 'Origin Of Light'
02. 'Ancestral Reflection'
03. 'Figures In The Mist'
04. 'Resurgence'