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A solar-powered sound system is touring festivals this summer

Look out for Pikip's self-contained solar-powered DJ booth at Le Bon Air, Pete The Monkey and other upcoming French festivals 

A solar-powered sound system is touring festivals this summer
Credit: Facebook

A solar-powered DJ booth is coming to festivals in France this summer.

Pantin-based company Pikip has developed a range of rigs that use solar energy to power-up self-contained and mobile DJ and modular booths, speakers, amps and more. Resident Advisor reports that festivals like Le Bon Air, Pete The Monkey and others throughout France will feature Pikip's Solar Speakers this summer.

The "Off-Grid" DJ kit uses photovoltaic cells on the roof to support two CDJs, two turntables, a mixer, amp and speakers that can support a crowd of 1,500 people outdoors and indoors (while a single charge can power 10 hours of use), according to RA. 

"Previously it's been impossible to power traditional speakers with solar panels as they require too much energy, especially large sound systems for outdoor events," founder Julien Feuillet told RA. "But we discovered something called a horn speaker, which produces a huge, powerful sound using much less energy.

"At first we did some illegal raves with the Microclimate crew. These were a success and we went on to make larger rigs for bigger events. Last year we did Gay Pride in Marseille, with two rigs playing for six hours for around 1,700 people, and the total power used was the same as one hot bath or two hours of an energy-efficient washing machine."

Find more information about the "Off-Grid DJ Booth" and more at Pikip's website. See the booth in action at Le Bon Air festival's 2022 edition below.