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Someone has tried to compile every track that was played at Berghain last weekend: Listen

The techno hive mind has been hard at work...

Didn't get into Berghain last weekend? Fear not, as some enterprising techno enthusiasts have compiled a list of tracks that were played at the techno mecca last weekend.

Compiled by the Berghain Music facebook page, users from the group spend their weekends at the techno institution ID'ing as many tracks as they can, and then sharing them with the group for everyone to enjoy.

As you can imagine, the playlist — which has been compiled on Spotify — features the entire gamut of techno, from minimal to industrial.

So far the playlist runs for 109 hours, which is quite a bit longer than Berghain was open for last weekend.

If you're still struggling to get in Berghain why not check out this handy cartoon guide on getting into the world's most famous techno club. 

Another Berghain fan has done a statistical analysis of who plays at Berghain week-in-week-out, which is well worth checking out, too. 

Listen to 109 hours of Berghain-approved techno below.