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Sonarworks new SoundID Reference makes any room sound better

Their popular calibration plugin is already used in over 70,000 studios

Sonarworks have rebranded their popular studio and headphone calibration tool as SoundID Reference with a new update to the plugin. The new version records a series of test tones in your working space and automatically creates an EQ curve that sits on your master channel to counteract any peaks and troughs that might be introduced by your room’s acoustic character. 

Almost every room will introduce its own standing wave tones and stereo spatial issues, and as more and more people work from home studios that are untreated, Sonarworks has become a very popular tool to counteract some of the nasty frequencies that get in the way of your mix. 

SoundID can also be used on headphones, with a drop-down selection creating an EQ curve to counteract the frequency curve of the headphone itself. You can try this out on their website – the list includes Sennheiser HD-25s, AIAIAI TMAs, Beyerdynamic DT100s and other popular headphones. 

The new version of the plugin lets you specify the frequency range that’s treated by the EQ curve in real-time, improved stability on Windows and a new Translation Check that mimics the sound of popular devices like phones, TVs, laptop speaker and car stereos so you can check your mix. 

SoundID Reference for headphones and speakers, with a measurement microphone, costs €299 and is available now. There’s also a free trial.