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Soundcloud’s gross annual revenue doubles in two years to over $200m

It's the first time the platform revenue has exceeded $200m

SoundCloud have announced that in 2019, they turned over more than $200m for the first time. 

This means that the platform have beaten their own targets for financial growth. 

The streaming platform have also revealed that around 20m tracks were added to the site in 2018 - that works out at a whopping 55,000 tracks per day, a total of around 190m unique tracks existing on the site by January of last year. 

2019 was a landmark year for SoundCloud, hitting some dignificant milestones having only monetised the platform back in 2016. 

In 2018, SoundCloud acquired Repost Network, in order to hone in on content distribution and providing analytics. 

A recent report from Music Business Worldwide has revealed that the company filed its financials to Companies House, with a spokesperson saying, "We look forward to continuing to grow SoundCloud's unique creator-driven ecosystem and business in the year ahead." 

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In 2019, streaming accounted for 80% of recording revenues in the US.