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Soundcloud expands its revenue-sharing program

Expansion begins today...

Having soft launched their revenue-sharing program back in 2014, Soundcloud has announced it’s expanding its revenue-sharing program from today.

Whilst the company’s Premier Program will remain invite only for now, the company announced via its blog that they will expanding the program and inviting even more users to monetise their remixes, mixes and tracks.

“Beginning today, DJs and producers who create sets, remixes and other forms of creative works will now be invited to join our SoundCloud Premier program, and earn revenue for the tracks they share on SoundCloud.

“While the Premier program remains invite-only for the moment, we are increasing the number of people invited every day. You can let us know you’re interested in participating by signing up here.”

Since Soundcloud managed to strike deals with a host of rights holders, copyright takedowns on the service have decreased by 40%, a new historic low for the service.

The streaming company is also looking for new suitors after it revealed that it was trying, and struggling, to secure more investment.

It was reported yesterday that Soundcloud, which had valued itself at £700m by virtue of how money had been investmented, would listen to offers around £250m, according to Billboard.

Recently the company’s COO Marc Strigel, and finance director Markus Harder have resigned from the company.

Whilst they’ve yet to post a profit since opening in 2008, the company has revealed that revenue is up 20% thanks to the launch of their Soundcloud Go subscription.