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SoundCloud introduces track monetisation for independent artists

Your uploads need to have 5000 plays in the past month to be eligible… 

SoundCloud has announced that it plans to expand its monetisation options to independent users.

SoundCloud Premier, the company’s monetisation platform, is now open to all subscribers of the Pro service at no added cost. However, in order to eligible for monetisation opportunities using the platform, your uploads must have had at least 5000 plays in the past month from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands or New Zealand. 

The company also rules that only original content uploaded by independent users is eligible for monetisation via the platform.

“SoundCloud is the world’s largest open audio platform, with content from more than 20 million creators,” says current CEO of SoundCloud Kerry Trainor. “Expanding SoundCloud Premier’s direct monetization offering from thousands, to hundreds of thousands of eligible creators is an exciting step in our commitment to empowering as many creators as possible to grow their careers first on SoundCloud.”

You can find out more about the move here, as well as via the video below.

Pioneer DJ’s mix-recording app DJM-REC recently added SoundCloud support.