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SoundCloud removes 'don't sue' clause, clarifies payment info for monetisation

The German company removed the clause after a backlash…

SoundCloud have removed a controversial clause from the contract between the German company and creators who sign up to their monetisation program Premiere. Announced last week Premiere makes the former invite-only monetisation service public, letting anyone make money from content they upload to the platform.

However, after an investigation by The Verge last week, it emerged that clauses within the contract were sometimes vague and included a stipulation that users couldn't sue the sound-hosting service. 

SoundCloud have since removed this clause and in a blog post, committed to regular payment dates and removing the need to reach $100 in revenue before your payment was made. SoundCloud explained: "Our team reviewed the agreement, and we’ve clarified or removed elements that may be unclear or not relevant to the open service we have now–this includes the removal of the out-dated covenant not to sue language that was part of our previous invite-only agreement."

Spotify already announced a decision to allow users to upload directly to the platform but for now, it's also invite only.