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SouqSounds releases compilation in aid of Turkey and Syria Earthquake relief: Listen

Featuring the likes of Ovid and Ikävä Pii, the six-track EP will raise vital funds for those affected by the natural disaster


SouqSounds has released a compilation in aid of Turkey and Syria earthquake relief.

'Disruption, a tool for kindness' is a six-track compilation EP featuring contributions by producers, DJ Double Oh!, Loris, Kaval, GoodMostlyBad, Ovid and Ikävä Pii.

A UK-based collective compiled the release to support those affected by the devastating earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria on 6th February and took the lives of an estimated 50,000 people and upended countless more.

A statement accompanying the compilation reads: "Disruption is the approach that, above all, heralds change. The need for change is as imperative as ever, so we are called to disrupt: an expression that intervenes, a disturbance that demands attention, a rallying cry that cuts through the overbearing, disempowering white noise of oppression."

"For SouqSounds, the sound of collective action is a mobilisation of sonic cultures, communal spirit and solidarity for the disenfranchised."

Sales of the release will also be directed to Palestine Action, as well as the earthquake appeal in Turkey, Syria and Kurdistan. Stream it below and support the cause directly by purchasing it via Bandcamp.

'Disruption' is the latest release to raise funds for communities affected by the natural disaster. Earlier this month, Istanbul label Müstesna Records released a two-part, 25-track benefit compilation, featuring tracks by artists like Eva Geist, Bawrut, Fosil, Human Space Machine, AnnavsJune, Ahu, Emre Can Swim, Gilb'r, Alessandro Adriani, Curses and more.

Last month, East End Dubs curated a 21-track compilation, 'TURKEY - Fundraising Compilation', with 100% of proceeds going to AHBAP, a non-governmental organisation founded by musician and philanthropist Haluk Levent in Turkey. Djebali, Cristi Cons, Priku, Thurman and Wheats are among those who contribute tracks to the release.