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Spotify are adding songwriter pages to the platform

Tracks on the platform will now list songwriter credits that are clickable and searchable 

Spotify have announced the beta of a new Songwriter Pages concept that lists songwriting credits, and lets listeners find more music by the same songwriters. The new clickable Songwriter Pages will be available on iOS, Android and Desktop apps by clicking on Song Credits and scrolling to the Written By section. 

The move will be a welcome one from the industry, allowing users to discover songwriters, other songs they’ve worked on and help secure new work for writers who might not be artists themselves. The electronic music industry has been calling for Spotify to make 'Label' and 'Produced By' clickable for users to discover tracks on a label all in one place, or songs an engineer or producer has worked on.

Given their acquisition of SoundBetter and today’s announcement, all signs point to Spotify giving creators more of a profile on the front end of the platform. Hopefully, we’ll see more clickable credits in the near future. Anyone who wants to get their own songwriter's page can register their interest here