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Spotify is launching its own version of Clubhouse

The streaming giants acquired the parent company of existing live audio app Locker Room

Spotify is launching its own version of the live audio social network Clubhouse. The invite-only iOS app has exploded over the past few months and lets users host their own ‘rooms’, with guest moderators to discuss a wide range of topics, allowing listeners to ask questions like a live group phone call. Recent guests have included Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerburg and Spotify founder Daniel Ek. According to the Verge, Spotify has acquired a company called Betty Labs who make an app called Locker Room, which is similar to Clubhouse but for sports events. 

Locker Room will remain as part of the iOS store as its own app for now, and any user can host rooms and discussions and Locker Room users aren’t required to use Spotify exclusively. 

It comes off the back of Twitter launching their own Spaces audio alternative to Clubhouse, while Instagram has added the ability to go live with four total accounts, rather than two. It’s not a huge surprise given Spotify’s pivot to podcasting over the past few years, with the Swedish company’s Chief R&D Officer Gustav Söderström telling The Verge people are already recording their Clubhouse and Spaces chats to their podcasting app Anchor to host them on Spotify. Facebook is also reportedly looking into a live audio feature.