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Spotify Lite launches in 36 countries

The streamlined app is said to save data, battery, and storage on your device...

Spotify has begun rolling out its streamlined app, Spotify Lite, in 36 countries around the world.

The alternative app was quietly introduced last summer and first rolled out in Brazil. Only taking up 10 MB of storage space on your device, Spotify also claims that it will save users' data and battery on their smartphones and tablets.

Amongst its unique features is its ability to allow users to set a monthly mobile data cap, with users able to choose can choose between 250 MB, 500 MB, 750 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, and 3 GB. It saves battery power by removing some features that are available in the full version of the app such as the Spotify Connect option, which allows listeners to stream tracks on wireless audio devices. Lite also doesn't stream music with extreme quality audio, and the search function only provides links to albums and playlists.

"With Spotify Lite, you can easily control your data and storage," a blog post from the company says. "It’s only 10 MB, so it’s quick to install and load while offering the same great listening experience that lets you discover, play, and enjoy millions of songs. [The app] also comes with the ability to set a data limit and get a notification when you reach it. This way, you’ll be able to focus on finding your next favorite song - not worrying about data."

It's currently only available on Android devices, and there's no confirmation on whether it will be available on iOS devices soon or at all. Find more information on Spotify Lite here.

Earlier this month, Spotify announced that it would be halting plans to allow users to freely upload and distribute their own music through the service.

Last month, the Swedish Data Inspection Authority revealed that it was investigating Spotify for potential GDPR violations.