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Clip is a part of new Deconstructed series...

Spotify has released a new animated short called How EDM Changed the World, as a part of its 12-week Deconstructed video series.

The two-minute clip follows the story of dance music from the origins of house in Chicago (namechecking Frankie Knuckles of course!), through the birth of Detroit techno with the Belleville Three, up to the modern day, touching on the explosion of drugs and corporate money within the scene.

Naturally fitting well over three decades of dance culture into such a short space is going to mean a lot gets left out (and we mean A LOT), particularly when the focus is on the scene in the USA, but educating people on dance history is always a good thing. 

Check out the clip for yourself below and keep your eyes peeled for future instalments of the Deconstructed series, which Spotify says will cover topics from "the impact of fan girls in feminism, to the rights of LGBT rappers, to the meaning of national anthems and more."