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Spotify rolling out new feature to block or mute artists

Dodging the acts you hate will be easier than ever...

A new feature is being tested by Spotify that will enable users to block or mute artists as they please.

It is currently being tested on the iOS app via a “don’t play this artist” button, and means that the act will be prevented from ever being played in a library, playlist, chart list, radio stations and automatically curated Spotify playlists.

Users have pointed out that while this means it works for an individual artist, it won’t work when they are featured on a track.

While the straming giant had seemed to be in some trouble for a while, with its shares recently plummeting to an all-time low, the tech app also recently surpassed 200 million users, with a company chief stating that podcasts now present a “significant opportunity” for the company. 

Another piece of gamechanging Spotify news was the company’s decision to allow free uploads to artists, potentially changing the entire music industry as we know it.