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Spotify’s shares crash to all-time low

But analysts are saying buy...

Spotify’s shares crashed to an all-time low on Tuesday 18th December, with valuations briefly slumping below $120.  

The news comes just over one month after share values in the company plummeted, and reflects an overall $14.2billion loss in market capital over the last five months following peak prices reached in July. 

Experts have pointed to an overall dip in the US markets resulting from fears of rising interest rates, a trade war with China and political problems in Washington.

These factors are leading investors to look to more secure businesses with proven profitability and good chances of long-term returns, and questions remain over Spotify's ability to deliver either. Nevertheless, analysts remain confident in the company, with the majorty of those assessed by MarketBeat still giving the nod to buy and target share prices  set at an impressive $200.

In other Spotify news, the company recently announced that artists will soon be able to upload tracks directly to the platform for free, while access to all features available through Spotify For Artists will soon come at a cost, suggesting market share and revenue could climb in the new year.