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SSL's new desktop mixer brings legendary sound to your home studio: Watch

The new SiX desktop console includes the classic SSL EQ, preamps and buss compression…

SSL have announced SiX, a desktop mixer that brings all the classic sound from SSL consoles to your home studio. SSL have designed the SiX using the same SuperAnalogue sound of their high-end mixing consoles that pepper pro studios across the world. With two recording channels and another two stereo line ins, there are six total channels that are all routed through a cut-down version of SSL's iconic buss compressor. 

The recording channels feature a two-band EQ with fixed frequencies, an SSL mic pre (or line in) and a simplified compressor with auto makeup gain and fixed release time. Elsewhere, there's monitoring options with two stereo cue busses for individual artist headphone cues when recording, as well as alternate monitor outputs with Dim, Cut and Mono for quick mix referencing. 

The famous SSL buss compressor has made its way onto the SiX too and though the attack, ratio and release are all fixed, it's the same circuitry design as the G-Series console. There's also insert options on the master buss for bringing in your own mixing hardware (or software). The whole thing seems very flexible and is a very affordable way – costing £999 – of getting the SSL sound in your recording chain.

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