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Step inside the factories making hi-fi equipment

Behind-the-scenes at Rega, McIntosh and Bowers & Wilkins...

Step inside the factories and behind-the-scenes of leading hi-fi equipment manufacturers with a series of new video segments.

The Vinyl Factory team visited the production lines of amplifier specialists McIntosh, leading turntable manufacturer Rega Research and respected speaker makers Bowers & Wilkins to offer wondering minds insights into the processes behind some of the industry’s leading hi-fi equipment.

Known for the blue hue of their power meters and logo, New York’s McIntosh have garnered a cult following within the world of high-end audio.

Rega has solidified a crowd with more modest funds. Even so, their RP8 remains completely built by hand.

Employing 38 engineers dedicated to pushing loudspeaker design, Bowers & Wilkins continually find themselves on the cutting-edge among competition.

More details on each company available at Vinyl Factory. Watch the videos below.