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He's up for roughly $13 million...

Ex-Swedish House Mafia member and Size records boss, Steve Angello, is being sued for fraud, reports Swedish newspaper Expressen

He's allegedly up for a whopping 116 million Swedish Krona (roughly 13 million USD) in damages, with the claims submitted by a former "artist colleague and a former business partner" of the producers.

Charges reportedly levied against Angello include “fraud, broken business contract and crimes against property management," plus accusations that Angello attempted to disguise his actions “by constantly repeating and distorting information.” There's also mention of an unpaid monthly salary by one of the plaintiffs, alongside a broken partnership contract that promised a 5% stake in an unnamed company owned by Angello. 

When approached by Expressen for comment, Angello remarked that the case “lacks grounds and is a lot of fabrications and lies…I do not think about this. Had there been something serious, I [would have] been familiar with it. But I do not care. There are no grounds.”

The trial is being litigated in LA — Angello is yet to file a counterclaim against the suits.